Kohler Generator
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Auction Began: 6/27/2008 3:33:52 PM E.D.T.
Auction Ends: 7/11/2008 8:00:52 PM E.D.T.

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Location: Sterling Heights, MI     
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Kohler Generator

Kohler Generator
Model #2F5
17 KW
17 KA
Single Phase
120/240 Volt
Natural Gas

Unit was working when removed from service approximately one month ago. Current condition is unknown.

Items can be viewed but must have a prearranged appointment, you must call the Sterling Heights Purchasing Office at (586) 446-2740 or email jsierzenga@sterling-heights.net to arrange an appointment.

Please note that 6% sales tax will be added to the final bid price. 


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PICK-UP: The equipment will be available for pick-up at the City of Sterling Heights City Hall located at 40555 Utica Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48313.  Winning bidder must have a prearranged appointment – you must call the Sterling Heights Purchasing Office at (586) 446-2740 or email kmarshall@sterling-heights.net to arrange an appointment to pick-up item(s) purchased. All prearranged appointments must be scheduled and items picked-up within 10 days after notice.

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