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Bid Thresholds by Agency

Typically, when informal bids (commonly known as quotes because they have a smaller dollar value), are published, suppliers are allowed to respond with pricing online.

Agency Name General Range for
Informal Bids (Quotes)
General Range For
Formal Bids and RFP's
Allegheny County - Department of Public Works $30,000 and below over $30,000
Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies $30,000 and below over $30,000
Cambria County Purchasing $10,000 and below over $10,000
City of Allentown $20,000 and below over $20,000
Municipality of Monroeville $10,000 and below over $10,000
Municipality of Mt. Lebanon $22,000 and below over $22,000
Pittsburgh Public Schools $10,000 and below over $10,000
Township of Upper St. Clair $30,000 and below over $30,000