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     City of Colton - All Closed Solicitations     
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Community Center Brochure - Printing and Mailing  RFP-NM-CS1002018  07/18/2018 
Various Transformers for Electric Department  NIB-RG-18007  07/10/2018 
GE LED Cobra Head STreet Light Fixtures and Photo Controls  NIB-RG-18006  05/30/2018 
Communication Equipment for Command Vehicle  NIB-NM-2018-CommEquip-Fire-Veh  04/12/2018 
2018 Dodge 2500 Tradesman Crew Cab 4 x 4 (149 WB, 6'4 Box)  NIB-NM-2018Dodge2500CrewCabwBox  04/12/2018 
Padmount Switches  NIB-RG-180005  03/06/2018 
RFP La Cadena Dr. Water Conservation Landscape Project  RFP-NM-La Cadena Landscape Project 2017  02/06/2018 
Valley Blvd Water Conservation Landscape Project  RFP-NM-Valley Blvd Landscape Project 2017  01/04/2018 
RFQ - Prequal Enviromental Consultants  RFQ-NM-Prequal Enviromental Consultants  01/04/2018 
Hub City Center Habitat Land Fencing Project  IFB-NM-Hub Fencing Project 2017  12/18/2017 
Evluma Omnimax LED Retrofit Bulbs  NIB-RG-17004  11/07/2017 
Various Transformers for the Electric Department  NIB-RG-17003  10/05/2017 
SelfContained Breathing Apparatus for the City of Colton Fire Dept  NIB-NM-Self Contained Breathing Apparatus - Fire  10/03/2017 
Agua Mansa Power Plant Controls Upgrade  RFP-RG-17002  08/24/2017 
City of Colton Weed Abatement  NIB-NM-Weed Abatement 4-2017  05/09/2017 
2-Ford F350 XLT Flex Fueled Truck with 8' Service Body  NIB-NM-F350 XLT Flex Fuel-3-15-2017  04/05/2017 
Various Vehicles for the CIty of Colton Electric and Water Depts  NIB-NM-VARIOUS VEHICLES ELECTRIC AND WATER DEPT  04/04/2017 
LED Cobra Head Street Light and Photo Controls  NIB-RG-17001-LED Fixtures  04/04/2017 
RFP for Janitorial Services  RFP-NM-Janitorial Services for City Facilities  01/03/2017 
City of Colton Landscape Rehabilitation Project  RFP-NM-Landscape Rehab Project 10-27-16  12/08/2016 
Landscaping Irrigation Installation/Maintenance at Fire St #3  RFP-NM-LANDSCAPE 2016 FIRE 3  11/16/2016 
Purchase of Various Transformers  NIB-RG-16-004  11/10/2016 
2017 Dodge Ram 4x4 with Ram Cargo Box  NIB-NM-2017 DODGE RAM 4X4 W/CARGO BOX  11/09/2016 
GE Service Bulleting SB-LM6000-IND-0310  RFP-RG-16003  10/03/2016 

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