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     City of Colton - All Closed Solicitations     
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Knit Wiper Rags #25  RFB-JS-05001  05/22/2006 
Blanket Agreement for Tires/Law Enforcement Certified Tires  RFB-JS-05003  06/19/2006 
Third Party Claims Administration Services  RFP-JS-06001  06/29/2006 
Marking Paint  RFB-DS-07001  07/20/2006 
Electric Dept. Materials  RFB-DS-070100  07/25/2006 
Water Department Materials  RFB-DS-070101  07/26/2006 
Two (2) NEW 2006 Ford Explorers XLT, 4x4 4.6L V8  RFB-JS-07002  07/31/2006 
Term Agreement: Print/Mail Quarterly Brochures  RFP-JS-07004  08/02/2006 
Water Department Materials  RFB-DS-07100  08/10/2006 
Electric Stores Supplies  RFB-DS-07-110  09/19/2006 
Various Transformers for the Electric Utility  RFB-RG-0107  09/25/2006 
Term Agreement: Automotive Parts  RFP-JS-07003  10/05/2006 
Strategic Plan - La Loma Hills/Pellisier Ranch Area  RFP-JS-07013  11/21/2006 
Compact Fluorescent Lamps  RFP-RG-  01/03/2007 
Sewer Cleaning Services - As needed  RFP-JS-07006  01/10/2007 
Management Audit & Analysis  RFP-JS-07018  03/21/2007 
Weed Abatement Services  RFB-JS-07019  04/02/2007 
Expedited RFQ: Temporary Fencing  RFQ-JS-08001  06/28/2007 
Civil Engineering Plan Check Services  RFP-JS-08003  09/18/2007 
Elastimold 600ECS 10-15-07  RFQ-RG-0810  10/22/2007 
Water Transmission Steel Pipeline  RFQ-DM-08-002  11/20/2007 
RFQ for Hauling & Disposal Services for Bio-Solids  RFQ-DM-08-001  11/21/2007 
Water Transmission Steel Pipeline - Rebid  RFQ-DM-08-003  12/06/2007 
Annual Purchase of Medium Voltage UG Cable  NIB-RG-112007  12/06/2007 
Two (2) New 2008 Ford Explorers XLT, 4x2, 4.0L, V-6 SOHC  IFB-DM-08-002  12/19/2007 

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