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     City of Colton - All Closed Solicitations     
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RFP for City Attorney Services for the City of Colton  RFP-NM-CITY ATTORNEY SERVICES  05/28/2020 
RFP for Workers Compensation Third Party Administrator Service  RFP-NM-Workers Compensation TPA Services  05/11/2020 
AV System Upgrade to City of Colton Council Chambers  IFB-NM-Council Chamber AV Upgrade  05/06/2020 
NIB Cooley Dr.Water Conservation Landscape Rehab  NIB-NM-Cooley Drive Landscape Rehab Project  04/30/2020 
RFP for Third Party Administrator Services for the City of Colton  RFP-NM-Third Party Administrator Services  04/28/2020 
RFP for Housing Element Update Consulting Services  RFP-NM-Housing Element Update Consulting Services  03/18/2020 
Land Use Permitting and Tracking Software  RFP-NM-Land Use Permitting and Tracking System  03/12/2020 
LED Cobra Head Street Light and Photo Controls  NIB-RG-20001  02/26/2020 
Diesel Retrofit of 2 City Owned Vehicles  IFB-NM-DIESEL RETROFIT  02/25/2020 
Smart Irrigation Controls for the Water Conservation Department  NIB-NM-Smart Irrigation ontrols  02/10/2020 
Various Size Transformers for the Electric Utility Department  NIB-RG-1004  01/14/2020 
Cooley Drive Water Conservation Landscape Rehab Project  NIB-NM-Cooley Drive Wtr Conservation Landscape Rehab Project  12/19/2019 
RFP - Computerized Maintenance/Asset Management System  RFP-NM-Asset Management System  10/30/2019 
Special Tax Consulting Services  RFP-NM-Special Tax Consulting Services  10/29/2019 
Municipal Advisory Consulting Services  RFP-NM-Municipal Advisory Consulting Services  10/29/2019 
City of Colton HVAC Efficiency Replacment Project  NIB-RG-19003-HVAC  10/29/2019 
RFP for Plan Review & Building Services  RFP-NM-Plan review & Building Svc 2019  10/08/2019 
Bid for 100% Electric Zero Emission Passenger Van  NIB-NM-Zero Emissions Passenger Van  09/30/2019 
City of Colton RFP - Labor and Employment Law Services  RFP-NM-LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW SERVICES  09/03/2019 
RFP to Replace the DAS Software at Agua Mansa Power Plant  RFP-RG-19001-Agua Mansa DAS Software  08/01/2019 
Network Redesign and Hardware Refresh  RFP-NM-Network Redesign and Hardware Refresh  05/28/2019 
Annual LLMD I & II Landscape Maintenance  NIB-NM-AnnualLLMDLandscapeMaintenance  05/23/2019 
Request for Proposals for the Downtown Paseo Project  RFP-NM-DowntownPaseoProject  05/16/2019 
Annual Swimming Pool Maintenance  NIB-NM-AnnualSwimmingPoolMaintenance  05/15/2019 
2019 Dodge 1500 Classic Quad Cab 4 X 4 Shortbed  IFB-NM-2019Dodge1500QuadCab4x4Shortbed  04/09/2019 
Request for Proposals for Classification and Compensation Study  RFP-NM-Classification and Compensation Study  03/07/2019 
RFP for Professional Auditing Services  RFP-NM-2018 Audit Services  01/07/2019 
Development Impact Fee Study  RFP-NM-2018 Development Impact Fee Study  01/07/2019 
Virtual EXSI Cluster Equipment for the City of Colton Police Dpt  NIB-NM-VIRTUAL EXSI CLUSTER EQUIPMENT  10/25/2018 
Medium Voltage Pad Mount Switchgear  NIB-RG-18009  10/23/2018 
LED Cobra Head Street Light Fixtures & Photo Controls  NIB-RG-18008  10/23/2018 
RFQ for Fire Department Outside Plan Review Services  RFQ-NM-FIRE-2018-PLAN-REVIEW  10/04/2018 
Notice Inviting Bids Breathing Apparatus Equipment  NIB-NM-Breathing Apparatus Equipment  09/25/2018 
Zero Emissions Utility Truck  IFB-NM-100%ElectricZeroEmissionsUtilityTruck  09/25/2018 
RFB for La Cadena Dr. Water Conservation Landscape Project  NIB-NM-2018 La Cadena Landscape Project  08/30/2018 
Community Center Brochure - Printing and Mailing  RFP-NM-CS1002018  07/18/2018 
Various Transformers for Electric Department  NIB-RG-18007  07/10/2018 
GE LED Cobra Head STreet Light Fixtures and Photo Controls  NIB-RG-18006  05/30/2018 
Communication Equipment for Command Vehicle  NIB-NM-2018-CommEquip-Fire-Veh  04/12/2018 
2018 Dodge 2500 Tradesman Crew Cab 4 x 4 (149 WB, 6'4 Box)  NIB-NM-2018Dodge2500CrewCabwBox  04/12/2018 
Padmount Switches  NIB-RG-180005  03/06/2018 
RFP La Cadena Dr. Water Conservation Landscape Project  RFP-NM-La Cadena Landscape Project 2017  02/06/2018 
Valley Blvd Water Conservation Landscape Project  RFP-NM-Valley Blvd Landscape Project 2017  01/04/2018 
RFQ - Prequal Enviromental Consultants  RFQ-NM-Prequal Enviromental Consultants  01/04/2018 
Hub City Center Habitat Land Fencing Project  IFB-NM-Hub Fencing Project 2017  12/18/2017 
Evluma Omnimax LED Retrofit Bulbs  NIB-RG-17004  11/07/2017 
Various Transformers for the Electric Department  NIB-RG-17003  10/05/2017 
SelfContained Breathing Apparatus for the City of Colton Fire Dept  NIB-NM-Self Contained Breathing Apparatus - Fire  10/03/2017 
Agua Mansa Power Plant Controls Upgrade  RFP-RG-17002  08/24/2017 
City of Colton Weed Abatement  NIB-NM-Weed Abatement 4-2017  05/09/2017 
2-Ford F350 XLT Flex Fueled Truck with 8' Service Body  NIB-NM-F350 XLT Flex Fuel-3-15-2017  04/05/2017 
Various Vehicles for the CIty of Colton Electric and Water Depts  NIB-NM-VARIOUS VEHICLES ELECTRIC AND WATER DEPT  04/04/2017 
LED Cobra Head Street Light and Photo Controls  NIB-RG-17001-LED Fixtures  04/04/2017 
RFP for Janitorial Services  RFP-NM-Janitorial Services for City Facilities  01/03/2017 
City of Colton Landscape Rehabilitation Project  RFP-NM-Landscape Rehab Project 10-27-16  12/08/2016 
Landscaping Irrigation Installation/Maintenance at Fire St #3  RFP-NM-LANDSCAPE 2016 FIRE 3  11/16/2016 
Purchase of Various Transformers  NIB-RG-16-004  11/10/2016 
2017 Dodge Ram 4x4 with Ram Cargo Box  NIB-NM-2017 DODGE RAM 4X4 W/CARGO BOX  11/09/2016 
GE Service Bulleting SB-LM6000-IND-0310  RFP-RG-16003  10/03/2016 
Organization Department Evaluation  RFP-NM-ORGANIZATIONAL EVALUATION FY16-17  08/17/2016 
RFP City of Colton Plan Check Inspection Services  RFP-NM-PLAN CHECK 2016  08/04/2016 
City-Wide Tree Trimming & Electric Utility Line Clearance Services  NIB-RG-16001  08/02/2016 
Perimeter Screen Block Wall at the Agua Mansa Power Plant  NIB-NM-AGUA MANSA PERIMETER BLOCK WALL  06/30/2016 
Engineer, Install, and Test a new 2500KVA 13.8 KV/480V Transformer  RFP-NM-NEW TRANSFORMER AGUA MANSA POWER PLANT  06/27/2016 
RFP-Fencing at Hermosa Cemetery for Developement Services  RFP-NM-FENCING HERMOSA CEMETERY- DEV SVCS 3-31-16  04/14/2016 
Request for Qualifications &Proposals for Towing Franchise Service  RFP-NM-RFQ&P Towing Franchise Service - PD1-19-16  03/15/2016 
Urban Forestry Management and Tree Planting Component  RFP-NM-URBAN FORESTRY MANAGEMENT PLAN-ED1-6-2016  02/02/2016 
Purchase F-250 with Utility Body  NIB-RG-15004  01/21/2016 
Cree LED Streetlight Fixtures  NIB-RG-15005  01/21/2016 
Transmission Power Systems Study  RFP-NM-Transmission Power Systems Study  11/11/2015 
Transmission Power System Studies  RFP-NM-EL1-2016  09/28/2015 
FR Uniform Rental & Cleaning for the Electric Dept  NIB-RG-15003  09/09/2015 
Community Brochure Printing and Mailing  RFP-NM-CS2015  08/19/2015 
Plan Review and Building Inspection Services  RFP-NM-PLANNING SERVICES-2015  07/02/2015 
Purchase One F550 Chassis/Cab w/Flat Bed Body  NIB-RG-15002  04/07/2015 
City Attorney Legal Services  RFP-NM-City Attorney Legal Services  04/02/2015 
Various Transformers for the Electric Department  NIB-RG-15-001  03/24/2015 
Marketing/Print/Mail Professional Services  RFP-NM-CS100  01/27/2015 
Construction of Agua Mansa Project  NIB-RG-14-005  12/16/2014 
FR Uniform Service  NIB-RG-14-007  12/10/2014 
Cree LED Cobra Head Street Light and Photo Controls  NIB-RG-14-006  12/10/2014 
Agua Mansa Project  NIB-RG-14-004  09/23/2014 
RFP for Downtown Development Code & Design Manual  RFP-NM-MT01-8-2014 Downtown Development Code & Design Manual  09/15/2014 
66 KV Voltage Transformers  NIB-RG-003  08/21/2014 
Various Transformers for the Electric Department  NIB-RG-14-002  08/12/2014 
Various Size Medium Voltage Switchgear  NIB-RG-14-001  04/02/2014 
Request for Proposal for Purchase of Bio-Gas  RFP-RG-009  02/03/2014 
15/20/25 MVA 69/12.47KV LTC Power Transformer for Agua Mansa Subst  NIB-RG-13-007  10/29/2013 
Various Transformers for the Electric Department  NIB-RG-13-008  10/29/2013 
LeoTek LED Streetlight Standards & Ripley Photo Controls  NIB-RG-13-0006  10/09/2013 
RFP for a Consultant/Firm to Perform Building Official, Plan Revie  RFP-BG-DS101-2014  08/19/2013 
Annual Purchase of Medium Voltage UG Cable  NIB-RG-13-0004  04/16/2013 
Various Transformers for the Electric Department  NIB-RG-13-003  02/12/2013 
Small PV System withing City of Colton and Power Purchase Agreemen  RFP-RG-2013-03  12/20/2012 
Modular Skate Park-Community Services Dept. City of Colton  RFP-BG-SP01  10/24/2012 
Various Transformers for the Electric Department  NIB-RG-13-002  10/23/2012 
Annual Electric Line Clearance Tree Trimming Maintenance Project  NIB-RG-13-001  08/28/2012 
Community Services-Brochure printing and mailing  RFP-BG-CS100  06/28/2012 
LED STREET LIGHT 90 WATT, 65 WATT AND 40 WATT  RFP-DR-12-002  02/27/2012 
Various Transformers for the Electric Utility Department  NIB-RG-12001-RG  02/14/2012 
Purchase & Operation of the Agua Mansa Generation Plant  RFP-BG-2012-001E  09/14/2011 
On-Call Electrical Engineering  RFP-DR-12-001E  07/14/2011 
New, 2011, Compact Pick-Up Truck  RFQ-RG-1103  05/12/2011 
Various Size Transformers  NIB-RG-1102  03/22/2011 
Various Transformers  NIB-RG-1101  08/31/2010 
Library Services  RFP-BG-10-001  04/29/2010 
Various Size Transformers for the Electric Utility Department  NIB-RG-1006  04/20/2010 
Various Size Medium Voltage Pad Mounted Switchgear  NIB-RG-1005  04/20/2010 
City Wide Street Sweeping Services  NIB-DR-010-001  03/25/2010 
Website Consulting Design, Development, and Implementation Service  RFP-DR-09-001  03/02/2010 
North Substation Project  NIB-RG-10004  11/12/2009 
Transmission Steel Poles & Substation Steel Structures  IFB-RG-10003  09/02/2009 
Disconnect Switches, Power Cable & Voltage Transformers for N Sub  IFB-RG-10001  08/17/2009 
15 kV Metal-Clad Switchgear and Control Enclosure for North Substa  IFB-RG-10002  08/17/2009 
Digital Mail Machine Lease  IFB-DM-10-001  07/22/2009 
RFP for Electric Cost of Service Study and Rate Design  RFP-RG-09006  07/21/2009 
Print/Mail Marketing Brochure  RFP-JS-09001  07/13/2009 
City Wide Janitorial Services  NIB-DR-001  05/28/2009 
RFP for Electric Power System Study  RFP-RG-09005  05/26/2009 
Purchase of One (1) CNG Truck  RFQ-DR-09-003  05/21/2009 
Various Size Transformers for the Electric Utility Department  IFB-RG-09003  04/28/2009 
Purchase of one CNG Passenger Van  IFB-DR-09-002  04/27/2009 
Geo Technical Services  IFB-DR-09-004  04/22/2009 
Nostalgic Streetlighting Replacement Parts  RFQ-RG-09004  04/20/2009 
LCD HDTV-Fire Dept  RFQ-BG-002  04/20/2009 
Misc. Pole Line Hardware  RFQ-RG-09002  04/09/2009 
Elastimold material  RFQ-RG-09001  04/09/2009 
Drinking Water Laboratory Sampling & Analysis Services  IFB-DM-09-004  04/01/2009 
Two (2) 2009 Ford F-150 XL Trucks  IFB-DM-09-006  02/09/2009 
Two (2) 2008 Ford F-150 XL Trucks  IFB-DM-09-005  01/26/2009 
FR Fluorescent Orange Raingear  RFQ-RG-0808  01/07/2009 
Tingley FR Raingear for Electric Utility Department  RFQ-RG-0807  12/16/2008 
RFP-Owners Engineer Hub Substation Transformer Remove/Install  RFP-RG-08006  10/09/2008 
North Substation-Owners Engineer for Susbtation Design  RFQ-RG-08005  09/22/2008 
2009 Ford Crown Victoria XL  IFB-DM-09-002  08/20/2008 
Ion Exchange Filter Resin & Maintenance Services  IFB-DM-09-001  07/31/2008 
Purchase of Fault Current Indicators  NIB-RG-08004  07/10/2008 
Overhead T&D Swtiches  NIB-RG-08003  06/30/2008 
GameTime Playground System  IFB-DM-08-008  06/05/2008 
Wastewater Lab Sampling & Analysis Services - Rebid  IFB-DM-08-007  05/21/2008 
Vinyl Padded Steel Folding Chairs  RFQ-BG-08-002  05/15/2008 
Self-Propelled Aerial Work Platform  RFQ-DM-004  05/15/2008 
Wastewater Lab Sampling & Analysis Services  IFB-DM-08-004  05/12/2008 
New 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid (FWD)  IFB-DM-08-005  05/08/2008 
121st Birthday Celebration Fireworks Show  RFP-DM-08-004  05/05/2008 
Electric Department FR Uniform Services  RFQ-RG-08003  05/01/2008 
Various Transformers for the Electric Department  IFB-RG-08002  04/23/2008 
Marketing Campaign Services  RFP-DM-08-003  04/23/2008 
COLTON 60FT DIGGER DERRICK LINE TRUCKS  NIB-RG-042208-(3) Digger Derrick Line Trucks  04/22/2008 
Lease Purchase (2) Aerial Device Trucks  IFB-RG-042208-bucket  04/22/2008 
Medium Voltage Pad Mount Swtichgear  NIB-RG-032608-Pad Mount Switch  03/26/2008 
100% Recycled Rubber Flooring  IFB-BG-08001  03/24/2008 
Telephone System Upgrade  RFP-DM-08-001  02/25/2008 
New 2008 Ford Escape XLS  IFB-DM-08-003  02/19/2008 
Paramedic Rescue Squad Vehicle  IFB-DM-08-001  01/14/2008 
Two (2) New 2008 Ford Explorers XLT, 4x2, 4.0L, V-6 SOHC  IFB-DM-08-002  12/19/2007 
Annual Purchase of Medium Voltage UG Cable  NIB-RG-112007  12/06/2007 
Water Transmission Steel Pipeline - Rebid  RFQ-DM-08-003  12/06/2007 
RFQ for Hauling & Disposal Services for Bio-Solids  RFQ-DM-08-001  11/21/2007 
Water Transmission Steel Pipeline  RFQ-DM-08-002  11/20/2007 
Elastimold 600ECS 10-15-07  RFQ-RG-0810  10/22/2007 
Civil Engineering Plan Check Services  RFP-JS-08003  09/18/2007 
Expedited RFQ: Temporary Fencing  RFQ-JS-08001  06/28/2007 
Weed Abatement Services  RFB-JS-07019  04/02/2007 
Management Audit & Analysis  RFP-JS-07018  03/21/2007 
Sewer Cleaning Services - As needed  RFP-JS-07006  01/10/2007 
Compact Fluorescent Lamps  RFP-RG-  01/03/2007 
Strategic Plan - La Loma Hills/Pellisier Ranch Area  RFP-JS-07013  11/21/2006 
Term Agreement: Automotive Parts  RFP-JS-07003  10/05/2006 
Various Transformers for the Electric Utility  RFB-RG-0107  09/25/2006 
Electric Stores Supplies  RFB-DS-07-110  09/19/2006 
Water Department Materials  RFB-DS-07100  08/10/2006 
Term Agreement: Print/Mail Quarterly Brochures  RFP-JS-07004  08/02/2006 
Two (2) NEW 2006 Ford Explorers XLT, 4x4 4.6L V8  RFB-JS-07002  07/31/2006 
Water Department Materials  RFB-DS-070101  07/26/2006 
Electric Dept. Materials  RFB-DS-070100  07/25/2006 
Marking Paint  RFB-DS-07001  07/20/2006 
Third Party Claims Administration Services  RFP-JS-06001  06/29/2006 
Blanket Agreement for Tires/Law Enforcement Certified Tires  RFB-JS-05003  06/19/2006 
Knit Wiper Rags #25  RFB-JS-05001  05/22/2006 

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