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Bid Opportunities - Closed Solicitations for Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies

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     Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies - All Closed Solicitations     
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Food Service Programs  IFB-7556  09/02/2015 
Service and Repair of Nederman Exhaust Systems II  IFB-7566  09/02/2015 
AVNCOG Various Projects  RFP-80315  08/28/2015 
RLA Parking Lot Expansion  RFP-81015  08/28/2015 
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Annex  RFP-81415  08/28/2015 
Transporting Voting Equipment, General Election  IFB-7558  08/26/2015 
Flag Supplies  IFB-7560  08/26/2015 
Natural Gas Supply II  RFP-7563  08/19/2015 
Mobile Concessionaires for the Red Bull Bike Race in North Park  RFQ-3267AD  08/19/2015 
Vending Services  RFP-7555  08/19/2015 
Preowned Vehicles For District Attorney's Office II  IFB-7557  08/19/2015 
Shower and Patio Renovation Project II  RFQ-3266FA  08/05/2015 
HUD Permanent Supportive Housing Programs  RFP-DHS-0021  07/31/2015 
Mobile Concessionaires for the Red Bull Bike Race in North Park  RFQ-3265AD  07/29/2015 
Carnegie Science Center USS Requin Project  RFP-71715  07/29/2015 
Sign Blanks  IFB-7552  07/29/2015 
Rental of Equipment For Special Events  IFB-7550  07/29/2015 
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh  RFP-71315  07/27/2015 
Aspinwall Park and Trail Extension Package  RFP-062915  07/24/2015 
Schenley Place Site Preparation  RFP-70115  07/23/2015 
Sarah Heinz House Capital Improvements  RFP-70215  07/22/2015 
Dept. of Emergency Services Gas Monitors & Air Flow Calibrators  RFQ-3263AD  07/22/2015 
Addt'l Mobile Concessionaires August 2nd Concert Hartwood Acres  RFQ-3264 AD  07/22/2015 
Lincoln Exhibit Renovation Project  RFP-62915  07/22/2015 
Preowned Vehicles For District Attorney's Office  IFB-7549  07/22/2015 

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