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Bid Opportunities - Closed Solicitations for Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies

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     Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies - All Closed Solicitations     
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North Park Golf Course Restaurant Concession  RFP-7648  02/05/2016 
Rental of Cleaning Equipment for Storm Sewers Systems  IFB-7650  02/03/2016 
Bituminous Paving Materials  IFB-7640  02/03/2016 
Hemlock Court Wedding Pavilion  IFB-7641  02/03/2016 
Armbands for the Jail  RFQ-3284KR  01/29/2016 
AVNCOG Million Gallon Water Tank Rehab Project  RFP-010416  01/28/2016 
Specialized Seating Window Equip. Modify Prisoner Transport Vans  RFQ-3285HB  01/27/2016 
WPC S. 21st St. Complete Green Street Project  RFP-012116  01/27/2016 
Mailing Services  IFB-7649  01/27/2016 
Transporting of Voting Equipment, Primary Election  IFB-7645  01/27/2016 
Demolition of Various Buildings in Allegheny County  IFB-7644  01/27/2016 
Furnish/Install PVC Swimming Pool Membrane Lining System  IFB-7646  01/27/2016 
Family Foster Care Programs for Young People  RFP-DHS-0029  01/19/2016 
Language Assistance Services  RFP-DHS-0030  01/15/2016 
NHCOG Borough of Etna Sewer Rehab  RFP-121615  01/14/2016 
Fleet Mgmt. & Maintenance Svcs. for Allegheny County and the ACHA  RFP-7588  01/13/2016 
Rental of Laboratory Coats, Towels and Uniforms II  IFB-7639  01/13/2016 
Rental of Pocket Pagers  RFQ-3283JS  01/08/2016 
Renovation & Expansion Tippin Gymnasium Clarion University  RFP-120915  01/07/2016 
Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste  IFB-7630  01/06/2016 
Allegheny County Jail Roof Replacement Phase 1  IFB-7633  01/06/2016 
Interlock Device  IFB-7611  01/06/2016 
RFP for an Evaluation of a Predictive Risk Modeling Tool for Impro  RFP-31  01/04/2016 
DNA Processing of Sexual Assault Kits (SAK's) II  IFB-7637  12/30/2015 
WPC Lead Proj. Consult. 21st Street Enhancement Proj.  RFP-12162015  12/29/2015 

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