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Bid Opportunities - Closed Solicitations for Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies

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     Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies - All Closed Solicitations     
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TCVCOG Safe Neighborhood Demolition Various Locations  RFP-40-3.11.7  05/27/2015 
Preventive Maintenance for Jail Chiller Plant  IFB-7519  05/27/2015 
Dockets and Folders II  IFB-7515  05/27/2015 
Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe  IFB-7517  05/26/2015 
Fallen Timber Storm Drainage, Elizabeth Borough  RFP-14-1-GEDF-036  05/22/2015 
Ivy Removal  RFP-50415  05/21/2015 
Steel, Wood, and Recycled Composite Park Benches II  IFB-7510  05/20/2015 
Repairs to Tractors, Mowers, Etc. II  IFB-7518  05/20/2015 
Food and Raft Rental Concessions for the Boyce Park Wave Pool  RFQ-3258 AD  05/18/2015 
PGI Growing Solar Installers  RFP-50515  05/15/2015 
SHH Construction Manager Proposals  RFP-41415  05/15/2015 
Tissue Processor  RFP-7502  05/13/2015 
Rental & Cleaning of Dust Mops, Floor Mats, Towels & Aprons  RFQ-3256  05/13/2015 
Sponsorship Proposals for AC Office of Marketing & Special Events  RFP-7511  05/13/2015 
Electrical Maintenance Bridge Highway Tunnel III  IFB-7497  05/13/2015 
Swimming Pool Supplies, Etc.  IFB-7503  05/13/2015 
Rental of Traffic Control Devices  IFB-7504  05/13/2015 
Installation of Sof Surfaces Inc. Safety Surfacing Products  IFB-7508  05/13/2015 
Repair/Rebuild Diesel Engines for C of P  IFB-7509  05/13/2015 
Mountain Bikes and Accessories for County Park Rangers  IFB-7514  05/13/2015 
Allegheny County Jail - Kitchen Sewer Trap Repairs  RFQ-3257  05/08/2015 
Gallatin Sunnyside Community Park Improvements, Forward Township  RFP-41515  05/07/2015 
Bulk Fuels  IFB-7493  05/06/2015 
Medical Oxygen Cylinders  IFB-7485  05/06/2015 
Sale of Recyclable Materials  IFB-7499  05/06/2015 

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