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Bid Opportunities - Closed Solicitations for Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies

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     Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies - All Closed Solicitations     
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Emergency Dispatch Protocol System  RFP-7609  11/25/2015 
The Bradley Center Furniture Project  RFP-103015  11/25/2015 
Kitchen Waste Line Replacement at Kane Regional Center-Ross  IFB-7613  11/25/2015 
Dental Services  IFB-7610  11/25/2015 
Settler's Cabin Pool Valve Replacement  IFB-7603  11/25/2015 
Develop a Marketing Campaign for Allegheny Link to Parent Support  RFP-7604  11/20/2015 
Specialty and Medical Gases  IFB-7586  11/18/2015 
Sweeper/Vehicle Maintenance and Repair  IFB-7605  11/18/2015 
Automatic Door Maintenance for John J. Kane Regional Centers  IFB-7599  11/18/2015 
Shuman Juvenile Detention Center Pharmacy Services  IFB-7608  11/18/2015 
Hillcrest Senior Residences  RFP-102615  11/09/2015 
Consultant for the Allegheny County Solid Waste Mgmt Plan Revision  RFP-7596  11/06/2015 
Ambulance Services  RFP-7579  11/04/2015 
Open Burning Public Health Outreach Campaign  RFP-7583  10/28/2015 
TCVCOG Josephine St. Reconst. N.Braddock Borough  RFP-10715  10/28/2015 
Pre-Mixed Bituminous Cold Patching Materials  IFB-7592  10/28/2015 
Crack Sealants  IFB-7593  10/28/2015 
Renovation/Repair Concrete Sidewalks Concrete Work (CD Areas)  IFB-7594  10/28/2015 
Modular Block Wall System Construction (CD Areas Included)  IFB-7595  10/28/2015 
Maintenance/Repair of Steps, Stairs, Etc. (CD Areas Included)  IFB-7597  10/28/2015 
Pavement Marking (CD Areas Included)  IFB-7598  10/28/2015 
PPS Quarterly Meeting - 10-22-15  RFP-101415  10/22/2015 
Specialized Stg & Window Equip Modification of Prisoner Trans Vans  RFQ-3279HB  10/21/2015 
Municipal Waste Roll-Off Containers  IFB-7590  10/21/2015 
Infectious Waste Removal and Disposal Services  RFQ-3277KR  10/14/2015 

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