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Bid Opportunities - Closed Solicitations for Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies

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     Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies - All Closed Solicitations     
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CTIF GEDF Basketball Court Construction Borough of West Mifflin  RFP-040716  05/04/2016 
Hazardous Material Cleanup/Drum Handling  IFB-7709  05/04/2016 
Child Welfare Staff Family/Intimate Partner Violence Training RFP  RFP-DHS-0035  05/02/2016 
JHF QIT2 Training Center Project  RFP-042516  04/29/2016 
Swimming Pool Chemicals (Elemental Chlorine) II  RFQ-3294DM  04/29/2016 
HWA Caustic Tank Treatment Plant Expansion Project  RFP-040616  04/28/2016 
Summer Food Program  IFB-7711  04/27/2016 
Personal Grooming Items  IFB-7707  04/27/2016 
Grass Seed and Landscaping Supplies  IFB-7689  04/20/2016 
Emergency Equipment Maintenance/Upfitters  IFB-7679  04/20/2016 
Paint and Supplies  IFB-7692  04/20/2016 
Dockets and Folders  IFB-7701  04/20/2016 
RAAC Carrie Furnace Redevelopment Project  RFP-32316  04/19/2016 
RFP for HUD Permanent Supportive Housing Program  RFP-DHS-0034  04/15/2016 
Rental/Purchase of Medical Equipment  IFB-7697  04/13/2016 
Washing of City Vehicles  IFB-7700  04/13/2016 
Swimming Pool Chemicals (Elemental Chlorine)  RFQ-3293DM  04/08/2016 
Mobile Food Vendors for 2016 Events  RFQ-3292AD  04/06/2016 
Classified/Legal Advertising  IFB-7691  04/06/2016 
North Park Tennis Courts Renovation II  IFB-7682  04/06/2016 
Prequalified Contract for Pruning and Removal of Trees, Etc.  SOQ-7491  03/31/2016 
Scanning Services  IFB-7688  03/30/2016 
RFP for Coached Supervised Visitation and Visitation Space  RFP-DHS-0031  03/28/2016 
Removal of Scrap Tires  RFQ-3291KR  03/25/2016 
TCVCOG Brad Monroe Pitcairn Rankin N Versailles Wilk Var Projects  RFP-030116  03/24/2016 

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