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Bid Opportunities - Closed Solicitations for Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies

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     Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies - All Closed Solicitations     
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Dark Fiber/Lit Service Connectivity  RFP-7255  04/23/2014 
Jersey Barriers and Transition Sections  IFB-7269  04/23/2014 
Ready Mix Concrete  IFB-7270  04/23/2014 
McKees Rocks CDC- Chartiers Avenue Streetscape  RFP-03/24/2014  04/21/2014 
Family Court Facility HVAC Repair  RFQ-3201 NC  04/18/2014 
Sign Foam and Rubber Stencil  RFQ-3203 DM  04/18/2014 
Restoration of Historic Worker's House - Harrison Township  RFP-3-31-14  04/17/2014 
Intent to Bid for the Toilet Tissue and Paper Towels Reverse Auc.  IFB-7264  04/16/2014 
Grass Seed and Landscaping Supplies II  IFB-7265  04/16/2014 
Dockets and Folders  IFB-7261  04/16/2014 
Insurance Coverages  IFB-7253  04/16/2014 
RFP Opportunity from the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden  RFP-4-3-14  04/15/2014 
RFP Opportunity from the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden: Site Survey  RFP-4-7-14  04/15/2014 
Food and Raft Rental Concessions for the Boyce Park Wave Pool  RFP-7272  04/14/2014 
North Park Boathouse Concession Hut  RFP-7271  04/14/2014 
Third Street Bridge Replacement Project  RFP-3-17-14  04/11/2014 
Hazardous Materials Cleanup/Drum Handling  IFB-7251  04/09/2014 
Intent to Bid for the Laundry Service for the Kane Centers  IFB-7259  04/09/2014 
Public Works Dump Trucks  IFB-7266  04/09/2014 
Facilities Management Work Trucks  IFB-7267  04/09/2014 
Traffic Sign Paint and Supplies II  RFQ-3200 NC  04/04/2014 
Renovation and Addition to the Sharpsburg Library  RFP-3-13-14  04/02/2014 
Industrial Park Improvement Process  RFP-3-28-14  04/02/2014 
Personal Computer and Printer Maintenance  IFB-7256  04/02/2014 
Additional Washing of City Vehicles II  IFB-7254  04/02/2014 

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