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Bid Opportunities - Closed Solicitations for Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies

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     Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies - All Closed Solicitations     
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Mobile Concessionaire for Concert Sites & Special Events  RFQ-3254 AD  04/24/2015 
Food and Raft Concessions for the Boyce Park Wave Pool  RFP-7490  04/24/2015 
On-Line Enforcement Info Research Database System  RFQ-3255  04/22/2015 
Sponsorship Proposals for AC Office of Marketing & Special Events  RFP-7488  04/22/2015 
ACP Concrete Construct Fit Zone Installation  IFB-7475a  04/22/2015 
Rental of Public Address Systems & Equipment  IFB-7484  04/22/2015 
Dockets and Folders  IFB-7474  04/22/2015 
Three Rivers Bike Racks  IFB-7477  04/22/2015 
Reflective Sheeting for Signs  IFB-7473  04/22/2015 
Fiber Optic Connections Svcs Etc. II  IFB-7463  04/22/2015 
Plotter Materials and Inks III  IFB-7487  04/22/2015 
Stainless Steel Recycling Receptacles and Liners  IFB-7482  04/22/2015 
Diagnostic Services  IFB-7471  04/22/2015 
Street Reconstruction  RFP-32715  04/20/2015 
Food and Raft Rental Concessions for the South Park Wave Pool  RFP-7480  04/17/2015 
Shaved Ice Vendor at the Children's Playground Near the Oval in SP  RFP-7479  04/17/2015 
North Hills Community Outreach  RFP-33015  04/17/2015 
Mistick Construction for Larimer/East Liberty  RFP-40115  04/16/2015 
Voluntary Worksite Benefits and Flexible Spending Administration  RFP-7476  04/10/2015 
Insurance Coverages  IFB-7470  04/08/2015 
Allegheny County Parks: Concrete Construct and Fitness Zone Instal  IFB-7475  04/08/2015 
Mon Valley Initiative Demo Project  RFP-3-16-14  04/03/2015 
Pool Concrete Repairs and Painting  IFB-7481  04/01/2015 
Pre-Qualified Contracts for Demolition Services  SOQ-6637  03/31/2015 

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