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Bid Opportunities - Closed Solicitations for Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies

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     Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies - All Closed Solicitations     
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Physical Therapy Service at the Allegheny County Jail  RFP-7746  07/08/2016 
Dialysis Service at the Allegheny County Jail  RFP-7747  07/08/2016 
Optometry Service at the Allegheny County Jail  RFP-7748  07/08/2016 
Dental Service at the Allegheny County Jail  RFP-7749  07/08/2016 
HUD Reallocation Funds for Permanent Supportive & Rapid Re-Housing  RFP-DHS-0043  07/01/2016 
Officer Early Assistance & Intervention System  RFP-DHS-0042  06/27/2016 
Long Term Structured Residential Program for Serious Mental Illness  RFP-DHS-0041  06/24/2016 
Concessionaire Services  RFP-7741  06/24/2016 
MVI Rehab of Commercial Structure  RFP-051716  06/24/2016 
Clear Mattresses  IFB-7743  06/22/2016 
Multifunctional Equipment  IFB-7727  06/22/2016 
DHS RFP for a Learning Management System (LMS)  RFP-DHS-0039  06/17/2016 
Prev Maint Test Uninterruptable Power Supply Lead Acid Batteries  RFQ-3296JS  06/17/2016 
Linens  IFB-7739  06/15/2016 
Char-West COG Projects  RFP-052316  06/15/2016 
COBRA Administration Services  RFP-7732  06/13/2016 
RFP for Residential Treatment Facility Step-Down Program  RFP-DHS-0040  06/10/2016 
Method 303 Inspection of Coke Oven Batteries  RFP-7716  06/10/2016 
Angels Place Swissvale Facility Upgrades  RFP-052016  06/10/2016 
AVNCOG Sanitary Sewer Rehab and Catch Basin Replace Projects  RFP-52616  06/08/2016 
Self-Care and Social Exposure Program for Children and Youth  RFP-DHS-0037  06/06/2016 
CITF GEDF Sensory Rooftop Garden Project  RFP-051916  06/06/2016 
RFP for OPTIONS In-Home Care Services  RFP-DHS-0033  06/03/2016 
Adaptive Re-Use and Development of the South Park VIP Center  RFP-7636  06/03/2016 
CDBG Etna Demolition Project  RFP-51616  06/03/2016 

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