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Bid Opportunities - Closed Solicitations for Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies

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     Allegheny County - Division of Purchasing and Supplies - All Closed Solicitations     
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Meeting/Testing Facility Rental  RFQ-3253 JS  03/25/2015 
Maint Inspection Repair, Fire Alarm, Door Security, Nurse Paging  IFB-7450  03/25/2015 
Plumbing Supplies  IFB-7465  03/25/2015 
Safe Neighborhood Demolition - Various Locations  RFP-3-17-15  03/19/2015 
Passive Air Sampler Lab Analysis  IFB-7462  03/18/2015 
Air Monitoring Equipment  IFB-7464  03/18/2015 
Carpet, Upholstery, Drapery, Venetian Blind, and Flag Cleaning  RFQ-3252 KR  03/13/2015 
Parts: Heavy Equipment, Landscaping Equipment, Small Equipment III  IFB-7457  03/11/2015 
Swimming Pool Chemicals  IFB-7452  03/11/2015 
Construction Materials: Glass, Flooring & Doors (Including Parts)  IFB-7453  03/11/2015 
Construction Materials and Supplies  IFB-7449  03/11/2015 
Plotter Materials and Inks II  IFB-7451  03/11/2015 
TEST  IFB-3315  03/09/2015 
Waterproofing and Roofing Repair V (CD Areas)  IFB-7456  03/04/2015 
Apparel for the Parks Department  IFB-7455  03/04/2015 
Steel, Wood, and Recycled Composite Park Benches  IFB-7454  03/04/2015 
Records Storage for Allegheny County  IFB-7445  03/04/2015 
Aexcel Traffic Paint  RFQ-3251  02/27/2015 
Disposable Medical Supplies II  RFQ-3249  02/27/2015 
South Park Golf Course Bar and Grill  RFP-7442  02/27/2015 
Disposable Medical Supplies Hardware  IFB-7446  02/25/2015 
Transporting Voting Equipment, Primary Election  IFB-7434  02/18/2015 
Electrical Maintenance Service, Bridge, Highway, Tunnel, Etc. II  IFB-7444  02/18/2015 
Equipment Rental  IFB-7426  02/18/2015 

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